Baby Massage by Niki

Childminders and Nurseries

Baby Massage is a beautiful form of touch. A kind touch is hugely beneficial to babies and toddlers. Having children in your care is a great responsibility and being able to go the extra mile can only enhance the childcare experience both for you and your charges.

I teach childminders and nurseries in a one off session, where you will learn all aspects of the massage.

The benefits include:
Helping with ailments such as wind, constipation, congestion and general grumpiness.

You will need to sign a contract and make sure that you have all your insurance up to date. Plus you will need permission from each parent/guardian to perform baby massage.

Please contact me for further information.

Darshna @ Little Darling

“Just complete a Baby Massage course by Niki. Looking forward to implementing, as massage plays a vital role in baby’s well-being”