Baby Massage by Niki


From Josie:  I have just finished my course with Niki and I highly recommend her to everyone. Niki is a very friendly and approachable person, she was able to make me feel very comfortable and was happy to go over things again and again so they would stick in my forgetful mummy brain, you also get handouts and massage oil, which is very nice. I found baby massage a wonderful experience for me and my son. It has boosted my confidence as well as giving me an excuse for some mummy and baby time. I find it is really helping my son with his teething and Niki was also able to give me some techniques to help deal with his congestion. I wish I had found Niki sooner as I’m sure baby massage would have helped with my son’s colic. I will really miss having my weekly classes with Niki but I know she is just at the end of the phone if I have any questions or forget something. I definitely recommend baby massage classes, it’s a wonderful experience which is made even more special by Niki’s calm and relaxing teachings x

From Neha: My little baby girl and I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Niki made me feel very comfortable and was always willing to answer my questions. I had 5 sessions with Niki which benefitted my baby immensely She gained good torso strength and was able to turn herself on her tummy at three months of age. Niki loves children and is able to strike a chord with them with her beautiful smile.

From Diane: Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Niki was extremely welcoming and made us feel at ease. The babies responded really well to Niki too. Very disappointed that the course has come to an end.

From Nina with twins: Absolutely recommend this course to all new mums. So lovely, relaxing and calming for mum and babies. Niki is very welcoming, gentle and calming, even for an exhausted, stressed out twin mum. Thank you Niki.

From Deepal: My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed baby massage with Niki. She is a wonderful teacher and the environment was welcoming and very relaxed. It’s a wonderful thing to do with your baby and I would highly recommend it.

From Meera: Very relaxed environment and Niki was very patient and understanding and went through all the techniques many times which helped a lot. The handouts about massage were very easy to follow and understand. Definitely recommend the course to others.

From Camilla with twins: Niki’s Baby Massage course is absolutely excellent. Taught in a clear and easily understandable way and in a relaxed and supportive environment. Both mum and babies loved it!

From Angela (referred from Harrow Children’s Services):

Did you find the course beneficial?:

Yes I did, I enjoy spending time bonding with my daughter and it has also helped with colic and constipation. I am really glad I decided to do the baby massage and Niki is a fantastic teacher.

Niki is fantastic at what she does. She is very flexible and always at hand to help you. She can do it in the comfort of your own home. After every session me and my daughter feel very relaxed. We have had an amazing experience. Keep up the good work Niki. All the best for the future.