Baby Massage by Niki



1.     At present I am holding the classes in my cosy, safe and warm home in Harrow Weald. It is all very relaxed and lovely. You are encouraged to take care of your baby as a first priority.  For instance, if you need to feed, comfort or nappy change your baby, you are absolutely free to do so during the class. Tea, coffee and biccies are provided, plus lovely chats and advice sharing with other mums in the class. Many friendships are made in my classes.

Joining the Baby Massage course is not only enormously beneficial for you and your baby, but it also gets you out of the house and prevents feelings of isolation which can be an issue in the first few weeks of your baby’s birth.

2.     I also offer group or one to one services in a venue and area of your choosing.

3.     COVID-19. Until we are allowed to be together in a group, I am teaching via Zoom. It has been very successful even though it’s not as wonderful as being face to face. Once we do return to group sessions, guidelines will be followed for your safety.

The course has a fee to be paid before or at the first session.

All the very best and please feel free to contact me anytime if you require further information or to book.

Niki x